Let’s Talk Diversity Coalition

 Building Community Strength Through Diversity The Let’s Talk Diversity Coalition is represented by 24 local and regional organizations in Jefferson County. Its focus is on the awareness and understanding of different cultures. By doing so, we strive to effectively communicate and interact with all members of our community. We represent one of only three REC organizations in the state of Oregon. The Coalition works to encourage racial, cultural and ethnic diversity that values family lifestyles. This includes supporting cultural resources and promoting health and economic equity for everyone. We envision a Jefferson County that is a superb place for all people to live, learn, work, grow and play.

Our Mission To develop a sustainable process of cultural competency through inclusive engagement by creating accountability for equitable outcomes.

Our Vision We envision Jefferson County as a prominent, sustainable rural community. A national model for racial and ethnic diversity that values family lifestyles, cultural resources, as well as health and educational equity to support a robust economy resulting in a superb place for people to live, learn, work, grow and play. An Oregon Health Authority office of Equity and Inclusion-Regional Equity Coalition (REC)

574 SW 4th St Madras, OR 97741